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We’ve noticed that DIY photo booths exploded in popularity creating an overwhelming surge of Google searches and we think the idea of it is pretty cool, i mean why doesn’t love a budget-friendly photo booth option? But at the end of the day, we still think that these DIY photo booths cannot compare to our rental photo booths and we’ll tell you why.

“DIY” is a term that means "Do it yourself" and is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. This term has gained the reputation of making something cute, crafty or economical that makes you feel proud when you complete it. But when you really take a look at the reality of the term DIY, it can be more stressful and harder than it looks. When you decide you want to o a DIY photo booth, you have to remember that you will be responsible for figuring out where to get the supplies/equipment, how to set things up, keeping the place organized and tide, taking things down and lastly trouble shooting the photo booth if something comes up.

One of the types of DIY photo booths we see are the Polaroid Booths, they’ve become very popular, aesthetically nice appeal and easy to store. They can definitely be cheap but that’s only if you’re having a close knit type of event, for those bigger events we wouldn’t say they’re budget friendly. If you really think about it a polaroid camera is about $100.00 after taxes and the prints are $12.00 for 10 prints. The cost of those prints will add up and you only get one picture per print!

Another type of DIY photo booth we see is the DSLR camera with a printer. Looks fairly easy right? But it’s actually not as easy as you’d think, some printers can only hold 10 prints at a time, take up to a minute and a half to print and sometimes they can overheat. Yikes! Just keep it simple, rent a booth!

When you rent a booth from us, we have professional equipment, reliable software and a printer that print out the images in only 10 seconds and are completely dry. Also included when you rent form us are:


Set up/Take down:

Wherever you are, we will come to you, set up the booth for the event and then take it down at the end. Easy peasy!


Photo Booth Host/Hostess:

When you rent from us, we will provide you with a photo booth host(s) to deliver, set up and take down the equipment. The host(s) will also be there with the photo booth for the whole duration of the event just to make sure things run smoothly, the area is tidy and to jump in should any photo booth errors/troubleshooting arise so that you can focus on having a good time! DIY booths can be neglected but our rental booths won’t because our host(s) will encourage guests to come take pictures.


Props and Backdrops:

Once you’ve gotten the camera and printer working you have another thing to consider, how much it would cost to buy/rent props and the backdrop. Good props are not cheap to get and if you want a wide variety of props then the price keeps increasing. When you rent with us, you do not have to worry about any of those, we have a wide variety of props and backdrops to choose from that are included in the price of the rental. If you are booking far in advance and there is a certain prop you would like to have at your event, we will try our very best to get it for your event!



Another thing you’d need to think about is, how many guests are you inviting and how many photos do you plan on getting printed? How much photo paper and ink are you going to need?

You can either spend a ton to make sure you have enough materials to last you all night or risk limiting your guests’ visits to the photo booth. And trust us, nothing puts a damper on an event faster than being told you can only have ONE shot/print from the booth.

Between rental or DIY…ultimately, it’s all about the end result.

Was the money you saved really worth it if the pictures you and your guests get at the end of the day are all badly lit and poor quality? If you’re wanting to have a photo booth at your event, it’s most likely because you want your event to be memorable, but if you have poor quality images then that is just redundant.

If you want your special event to be truly “special,” don’t settle for a DIY photo booth and contact us today to reserve your booth!

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