Post COVID Party Planning


As you may all know, COVID-19 has affected each and every one of us all across the globe.

It has made such a huge impact on our lives, disrupting our routines, making us go into isolation and pushing back all of our plans and events to the following year. Now, after a long year, we’ve finally created the vaccines and they are slowly getting rolled out for everyone. It's only a matter of time before this pandemic finally comes to an end.

While you wait for your turn to get the vaccine, you can use this waiting period as a time to catch up on things you had previously postponed, like planning your next party! Just so that once everything is over and we've transitioned back into the old but new normal or as we’ll most likely call it, “post COVID”, you’ll be able to pull off a fun event for you and your loved ones. Because as we all know, weddings didn’t disappear… they were postponed. Celebrations weren’t cancelled…they were all delayed. Therefore we are expecting that there will be a TON of events happening in the next couple years to make up for the lost time!

Not quite sure on where to start? Not to worry, we’re here to help! We’ve created a guide on how to plan your party post COVID.

✆ Send your invitations through phone, email, or social media. This is a much safer, affordable and environmentally friendly approach than giving out paper invitations.

📍 Where will the party take place?

🍹 Will there be food at the event?  Depending on your guest list, you can either find a caterer or prepare the meals yourself.  Depending on your guest list, you can either find a caterer or prepare the meals yourself. 

🍴 Create a list of your party needs. I.e: food, decorations, and utensils.

🔊 List down all the equipment you need. I.e: tables, chairs, and speakers. 

↔ Plan what the layout of the party will look like! Don’t forget to give one ample space between chairs and tables.

💡 How will the party be lit up? Lights are great for setting the mood, avoid fluorescent lights as they are too bright for a party.

🎧 Will you have any entertainment? Having a playlist is sometimes isn’t enough to keep your party going. We definitely recommend having a photo booth at the event! 

🌺 Other vendors? Depending on your event, you may need to look for more service providers such as a florist, photographer, videographer, bartender, etc.

There are also a few things we’ve added that you should keep in mind:

🧍 Social distancing for some people may still be part of their routine after COVID-19. 

🗣 Some people may think that it may be still too soon to have large gatherings and may not want to attend or will attend but will push back from engaging with others.

💰 More effort and budget for safety may be needed, like putting sanitizers readily available for your guests.

😷 Guests may have a negative view/ be unwelcoming towards another guest who may have flu-like symptoms.


With everything up in the air, we wanted to let you know that we’ve made changes to our cancellation/change policy to help you have a more flexible booking/event planning process. Our commitment to your enjoyment is what drives us!

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