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Photos Taken By Pearl Pix Photobooth At Various Events

We’re so excited to meet you and there’s so much that we want to say, but it’s hard because we don't know where to start. So I guess we will start from the beginning.

Here it goes–

The idea of Pearl Pix Photo Booth all started after my husband and I got engaged, when we were browsing and sending enquiries to all the vendors we wanted to have at our wedding. When we looked at the total of our bill we cried a little because we wanted a memorable wedding that was at a decent price, we didn’t plan on breaking the bank by going all out and having a super boujee wedding. I was set on having a photo booth at our wedding, I knew how much the guests and myself would enjoy the booth. We already had so many expenses so my husband was reluctant about the idea of having the booth there, he didn't think it was necessary and said the guests will find a way to keep themselves entertained. We joked about how great it would be if we owned a booth, we would never have to rent one again. We could have a booth at EVERY event we hosted which was pretty neat. We did some research on photo booths and acknowledged that buying a photo booth is a possibility. “Why don't we just start our own business? If we’re going to get a booth, we might as well make good use of it” I said. My husband loved the idea and firmly told me we should do it.

A year later, after much back and forth between the idea of starting our own business and extensive research, we came across the LED photo booth that we have now and we fell in love with it. It was way out of our budget and much more expensive than all the other booths we’ve seen but the style and the concept of the booth really stood out to us. It was different from all of the other booths but we wanted to be different so we knew that this booth had the potential to be so much more. We took the risk and we purchased it.

This is where it gets good… we started buying TONS of props and backdrops, we wanted as much variety as possible so that our clients would not feel limited by selections we offered. We had to think of a company name and a logo for ourselves, this process didn’t take as long as I had thought it would, we landed on “Pearl Photo Booth”, pearl representing the birthstone for both my husband and I but unfortunately that name was already taken on Instagram so it was back to the drawing board for us. I couldn’t let go of that name though, I really really loved it and was willing to just add an extra “l” to the end of the name in order to keep it but my husband was not on board with it. Seeing how much I really wanted to keep the name he suggested “Pearl Pix Photo Booth”, he liked how catchy it sounded and we are in the business of taking pictures plus that was a “cool way” to spell “pics”. Next was our logo, we needed one to brand ourselves and this process took a while. I’m not an artsy person so I did not participate in designing the logo. My husband who considers himself to be artsy took on the task of drawing out multiple logo ideas for me to pick from, it took quite a bit of time because we couldn’t agree on the “P” (I wish I was joking– but if you knew how long it took to perfect the “P” you would probably think we were crazy). First we wanted the whole “P” to be made of pearls, then the end of the “P” was too long or the “P” was too cursive. In the end we choose the simplest one because sometimes less is more. 

The biggest challenge of all was when it came down to having a website. Now, if you have ever had to design a website you know what a process that can be. Neither my husband and I have experience in this area. We ended up stumbling upon a photo booth company over in the states that was selling their business and we considered buying them out just to make things easier on ourselves but after much consideration we decided against it. I had realized I wanted to do everything myself,  even if it meant having a steep learning curve and let me tell you, it was steep af.

I was put way outside my comfort zone making the website and there were many many moments where I would just stare at the screen blankly because I was so lost and had no idea of what’s happening. Not gonna lie, the thought of scrapping everything and hiring a professional website designer had crossed my mind several times but each time I would change my mind and continue on telling myself I’m already in too deep to back out. Now that it’s over with, it’s safe to say that making our website from scratch was totally worth it. The website is more complex and sensuous than I thought it would be and I’m SO proud of that.

Eventually all of our props and backdrops came and so did the booth!  We were ready to start and didn’t anticipate much for our first year of being open for business. It makes sense since we’re still trying to put our name out there but we got more clients than we were expecting and we were over the moon! Then for the first time EVER, a pandemic happened and we were on lockdown, which was great in it’s own way because it gave me lots of time to think, brainstorm ideas, and come up with ways to renovate ourselves.

So, stick around and check out all that we have going on– cause it’s going to be a lot in the long run and we are not doing any of it any justice in this post.

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