New Backdrops!


As you all may know, we have 15 backdrops to choose from, but if you did not know that we've included a slide of them below for you to see.

With that being said, we'd like to let you all know that we've added another 6 backdrops to the current 15!

Four of the new backdrops are Rosette while the other two are what we'll call Leaves.

Check them out below! ↓

This means we now have 21 different backdrops for you to choose from!

They say that less is more but we think otherwise. So in the years to come, we'll be adding more backdrops to the mix because we strongly believe in having a large variety of choices for you to choose from when you book with us.

Thank you so much for all for your continuous support!

We cannot wait to see what the coming year has in store for us all

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